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Samples of 8mm & 16mm Film Transfers

Can I see some samples of your color correction?


And how about a sample of flipping some negative film to positive?


What about an entire film from start to finish?


Can I download a sample High Definition .AVI file?

Due to the extremely high quality that our transfer process outputs, the file sizes come out approximately 2.2 GB per minute of video. Down below are several short clips of these massive unmodified samples of Standard Definition and High Definition .AVI files directly out of our systems.

If you are planning to edit the footage yourself, we recommend that you download at least one of these clips to make sure that your editing computer can handle their size! If your editing computer cannot handle the high-definition files, ask us about obtaining a copy in standard definition as well! The Standard Definition files are 1/10th the size.

Unmodified 8mm Film Samples

Sample #1 – 18 seconds

Sample #2 – 10 seconds

Sample #3 – 7 seconds