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To simplify things, we’ve designed two general types of transfer service we can provide:

Basic HD Film Transfer

Designed for someone who wants to edit their own footage.  We load your films onto a hard drive as AVI files, giving you the ability to edit it at your leisure and view the footage on a computer.

Deluxe HD Film Transfer

We apply color correction, enhancements, music, scene selection, and take your film directly through to a finished product. We master your film to DVD or Blu-ray so that it is all ready for you to take home and put right into your DVD or Blu-ray player to enjoy in the comfort of your living room.

With the Deluxe Transfer, you get access to the web-based myFilms film transfer customization tool!

Click on the video below to learn more about myFilms.


We built myFilms, the world’s only online film transfer customization tool, just for you! With this easy to use online tool, you can create custom titles and more – learn more in the video just above!

If you’d like to see the whole process in detail, watch all of our instructional videos.

Add-ons for Film Transfers

Audio Transfers

If your film has sound, we are fully capable of transferring the audio track from the film and syncing it to your picture!

International Mailing

Whether it’s just too far to drive or you simply don’t have time, we can use a delivery service to bring your films in or deliver them back to you. Make sure to check out our shipping tips, located in the sidebar of the page of our processes!

Additional DVD or Blu-ray Copies

Once your project is complete, we can very simply create as many copies as you require, complete with custom cases, discs, and menus!

Web Optimized Video

Streaming online video is growing rapidly. Ask us about getting your films as High Definition web streaming videos, so you can share them even easier with friends and family around the world!


Voice-Over Commentaries

Think of how neat it would be to record grandma’s voice as an audio commentary to compliment your old film? We can provide a voice-recorder and easy to use instructions on how to work it!

Rush Jobs

Need your film transferred in an extreme rush? Our monkeys work around most of the clock, and can get your job done in as little as 24 hours if need be! We offer both day and week rush services for jobs that need to be done in tight time-frames. Please note that we bring in additional staff to take care of rush jobs, and the delivery of other clients film transfers are not bumped in any way.

Film Restoration

We always perform basic cleaning and repair, but actual restoration of the film is sometimes required due to any number of reasons, such as: the film being extreme moldy, very brittle, shrunken film, etc. This isn’t very common, but our experts are very experienced at handling your film, and will always consult you before taking any risks with your memories.

Documentaries & Biographies

What you may not know is that our company provides full set of transfer and biography services based out of Vancouver, BC. We have experience creating biographies and life stories ranging from a short film of a few minutes to feature length! If you have an amazing story you want to tell, ask us about taking your film transfer to the next level!

Create Your Own Add-on!

We challenge you to bring forward your own specialized add-on that our technically skilled and creative staff can work with you to design!