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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your system better?

Our film transfer machines are top-of-the-line. Combined with years of experience in the industry, we produce the best transfers around – guaranteed! Here are a few benefits of our system:

  • Your films are important and you want to catalogue them: We designed the world’s only online customization tool where you can preview still frames from your films and provide personalized titles and more! Learn about MyFilms!
  • You want your films to be safe: We have extensive experience protecting, cleaning, and even restoring damaged film. When you get your film back it will often be in better shape than it was before we transferred it.
  • You want the best image quality: Each frame of your film is captured individually in true High Definition, eliminating the sliding motion often associated with film playback.
  • You want a bright transfer: Your film is illuminated for capture by a low-temperature LED that prevents heat damage and provides very even lighting from edge to edge across each frame.
  • You want the whole image: Your film is captured through an enlarged gate so that we capture slightly more than the entire frame – we miss nothing!
  • You want to share and edit your films: We offer every output format you could want: Ready-to-play DVDs, ready-to-play Blu-rays, ready-to-play digital video (for computers, iPads, iPhones, iPods, YouTube), uncompressed video for editing, JPG image sequences, and TIFF image sequences.
  • We are the first in Canada to bring you this full High Definition film transfer system. If you are going to transfer your priceless film, why wouldn’t you transfer your 8mm film or your 16mm film using the best system available? Contact us now for a free consultation.

What will my DVD look like?

When you order a deluxe transfer, your final product will look something like this:

Of course, we give you the option to choose your front cover image and text through our revolutionary online customization tool, MyFilms!

I want to edit the films myself?

We offer a basic film transfer service for do-it-yourself people, and film students alike. We perform the exact same High Definition transfer, and simply deliver your films as ‘AVI’ files on a hard-drive.

I have a whole bunch of slides, can you digitize these also?

We are also equipped with a high-resolution slide-scanner, among many other media transfer decks such as VHS, Beta, and more! We are experienced in many transfer formats, so you can easily add any other media types, such as slides, onto your order! Keep in mind, we also offer other media transfers, biographies, and life stories.!

What does the final DVD or Blu-ray menu look like?

Here is a sample page of the DVD menu:

Sample DVD Menu
But of course you’ll get to customize your DVD menu with our online tool, MyFilms!

How many films fit on a disc?

A typical DVD holds up to 90 minutes of playback, and each reel of film (50ft of 8mm or 100ft of 16mm) is approximately just over 3 minutes. Films vary in length, but we have found that typically around 15-25 films fit on each DVD disc. It’s very common to have several DVD discs in your set.

What do I need to watch my films in High Definition?

Digitized High Definition films are mastered onto Blu-ray discs. These discs are the same size, shape, and feel as DVD discs, but are different on laser level. In order to watch your films back in High Definition, you will require a Blu-ray player. These players are backwards compatible and can play Blu-ray as well as DVD discs.

Do I really need my films transferred in High Definition?

Maybe you currently don’t have a Blu-ray player. When you replace your DVD player, you will more than likely replace it with a Blu-ray player, especially as these players replace standard DVD players on the store shelves. Remember the transition from VHS to DVD? We can always produce your transfer in Standard Definition on a regular DVD, as well as create a copy in High Definition on a Blu-ray.

We also keep a backup of every film transfer we do so you can always come back and have your films re-mastered into High Definition at a later date.

What is your High Definition format in geek-speak?

We capture your film in true High Definition using a Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card in a PC, which captures in a 4:2:2 color space! This produces an AVI file at a resolution of 1920×1080 with 8-bit color, at 29.970 fps. If your film has sound, it is captured at 48,000 Hz, 16 bit, stereo, uncompressed. If you want to know more, our technicians always love to chat up some geek-speak!

If you’ll be doing the editing yourself, we recommend that you download some short samples of these clips and test them on your editing computer.

What types of film can you transfer?

Our transfer machines can handle film of almost any type of film.  Some common names for these formats are: Regular8, 8mm, Single8, Super8, Super Duper 8,  Max 8, 16mm, Super 16, and Ultra-16.
Advanced Photo System (APS) negatives

What else can you transfer?

We also digitize Advanced Photo System (APS) negatives.  Also known by the brand names of IX240 (Fuiji) and Advantix (Kodak).

We also specialize in transferring slides and other video formats. Contact us for more information!

Can you transfer the sound also?

We can transfer your films with sound for almost all formats.  These include: Regular8, 8mm, Super8, Single8, 16mm.